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Apparently I seem to have a Fenris/DA/smexy elf fetish going on atm. I regret nothing. >_<

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Whence My Heart Becomes the Sea (NSFW - Fenris X Hawke X Isabela)

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  1. I hate those girls who play video games just so they can look sexy to the male audience.



    Because I play videogames to curse at every dragon that dares to cross my Nordic path.

    I do it because I am addicted to putting baskets over the heads of shopkeeps and stealing all of their goods. Even the cloths they wear.

    Other times, I spend it playing as an Apostate casting magic and ruining a slaver’s day with my elf lover. 

    I also occasionally spend my time probing Uranus, causing my Ship AI to sigh at my immaturity and wonder how I became the Commander of one of the most advanced ships Organic society has ever seen. 

    Can I calibrate your taint?

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