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  1. Pep Talk from Neil Gaiman





    “You don’t know why you started your novel, you no longer remember why you imagined that anyone would want to read it, and you’re pretty sure that even if you finish it it won’t have been worth the time or energy and every time you stop long enough to compare it to the thing that you had in your head when you began—-a glittering, brilliant, wonderful novel, in which every word spits fire and burns, a book as good or better than the best book you ever read—-it falls so painfully short that you’re pretty sure that it would be a mercy simply to delete the whole thing.

    “Welcome to the club.

    “That’s how novels get written.

    “You write. That’s the hard bit that nobody sees. You write on the good days and you write on the lousy days. Like a shark, you have to keep moving forward or you die. Writing may or may not be your salvation; it might or might not be your destiny. But that does not matter. What matters right now are the words, one after another. Find the next word. Write it down. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.”

    Written for NaNoWriMo, but excellent advice for any writer.

    Printing this out and sticking it on the wall by my desk.

    I need this taped to my eyeballs, I think.

    It is relevant to any writer, not just those who create novels :)

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      I think this needs to be a poster or something. One that sits right next to my head. Neil Gaiman, you are fantastic and...
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      Neil Gaimain has some of the best writing advice I’ve ever read, and not just this.
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      The ugly truth — I should put this on the wall by my computer.
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      This is why I love Neil Gaiman. I need to print that out and carry a copy of it every where I go.
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      Oh my God this gave me so much more confidence
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      Reblogging for all the writers I know!
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      Wonderful advice. I think I actually needed this right now.
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      NaNoWriMo begins at the end of the month. You want to do it, a tangible deadline helps actually. sign up at nanowrimo...
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      YES. Noone else writes the exact words you write, you are unique - thus you are great and wonderful and amazing. Never...
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      I need to keep telling myself this. Even if I’m not great, isn’t it better than writing nothing?
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      If you construct sentences for the populace to read, this is for you.
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      I need this taped to my eyeballs, I think.
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