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  1. jessicalprice:




    Self-taught Alaskan sculptor Lee Cross, known professionally as Wood Splitter Lee, creates incredible one of a kind fantasy creatures that are so remarkably lifelike they verge on creepy, which is just one of the things that makes them so awesome. All of Lee’s creatures are completely made by hand without the use of and patterns, molds or casts. Their bodies contain articulated skeletons wrapped with stuffing, making them very soft to handle and fully posable. They’re decorated with carefully hand-applied synthetic fur and paint. As you can see from these photos, some of Lee’s creatures are more fantastic in nature than others, but they’re all amazing to behold.

    Lee’s creatures are available for purchase through weekly Auction Adoptions held on eBay.

    To check out more of her phenomenal handmade creatures, visit Wood Splitter Lee’s DeviantArt gallery.

    [via DeMilked]


    Okay, these actually creep me the hell out.


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  2. Author Scott Lynch responds to a critic of the character Zamira Drakasha, a black woman pirate in his fantasy book Red Seas Under Red Skies, the second novel of the Gentleman Bastard series.






    The bolded sections represent quotes from the criticism he received. All the z-snaps are in order.

    Your characters are unrealistic stereotpyes of political correctness. Is it really necessary for the sake of popular sensibilities to have in a fantasy what we have in the real world? I read…

    I am appalled to find that Scott Lynch’s novel about magic-wielding pirates is unrealistic.

    Thank you, Cory Doctorow!

    This is where I admit that I hadn’t actually read Scott’s post - I was just responding to Cory’s excellent comment, and trusting Scott Lynch to be his usual brilliant self.

    Now, that I’ve read it, I just want to say: 

    "Yeah, Zamira Drakasha, middle-aged pirate mother of two, is a wish-fulfillment fantasy. I realized this as she was evolving on the page, and you know what? I fucking embrace it. 

    "Why shouldn’t middle-aged mothers get a wish-fulfillment character, you sad little bigot? Everyone else does.”

    Please excuse me while I bear Scott Lynch’s love-child.

    Seriously. What to make of people, I ask you? Somebody’ll be whitewashing Ged next.

    Oh wait.


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  4. l3link182:

» Bambi Having Supper
  5. fairy-wren:

(via 500px / Handsome or Beautiful? by Ravindran Rajan) *Indian Peafowl
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  7. beckycloonan:


    Save the viking goats!!!

    Johanna Thorvaldsdóttir’s Icelandic goat farm (Háafell) is facing foreclosure in September, resulting in the entire goat flock being butchered - unless enough funds are raised to save it!

    There are less than 820 Icelandic goats in the entire world - they are an endangered species. Almost half of them will be lost if this farm is not saved. I visited Háafell 2 years ago and every goat I draw is rooted in this place. Any little bit helps :)

    Some pretty cool perks (that tote bag, adorable!) but more than that there is a good cause behind all this. How many videos of screaming goats have I lost my shit over? Time to give a little back I think.

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  8. funnywildlife:

Stunning nature’s design=Parnassia grandifolia, Ocala National Forest, Marion County, Florida 2 by Alan Cressler on Flickr.
  9. Made friends with a katydid tonight&#8230;
  10. Made friends with a katydid tonight…

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  11. aos-skimmons:



woman mothers.
  12. aos-skimmons:



    woman mothers.

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  13. x-sunnydragonfly-x:


    Birthday Weeks | Gaming Week #5 (Aftermath Day):

    Flemeth from Dragon Age II

    Cosplayer: Mono Abel [TM | DA | TW | IN]
    Photographer: Dzeta


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